Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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How can I track my Shipments?

Our WebTrak© offers an easy means for tracking shipments. Click here for a demo.

Can Rail Delivery Services customize my status reports and format them as I need them?

Yes, we can. Your reports and electronic interfaces are completely customizable and deliverable in any report format. Your reports can also be generated at the frequency you desire.

How current is the status report on my en-route freight?

Shipment status is current to within 15 minutes. Knowing the estimated arrival time allows you to plan accordingly for shipment receipt.

How close can Rail Delivery Services get to my required arrival time?

RDS is known for its consistent, on-time performance for high volume accounts in our area. We have achieved 99 to 100 percent for national accounts for five years.

Can I get access to my transportation documents?

Documents are scanned and available online within 48 hours of completion of service.

Can I retrieve my documentations only during certain hours?

Using Rail Delivery Services’ Insta-Doc, you can retrieve 24/7.

How long does Rail Delivery Services retain transportation documents?

Five years from date of service completion.

How many trucks does Rail Delivery Service operate?

We have more than 100 digitally connected tractors operating every day, the largest pool of domestic intermodal power in the area.




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